Awards and Rewards

NBA Accreditation

SSCE, chilakapalem proudly announces that it has added a feather to its cap by getting National Board of Accreditation(NBA) for EEE branch from 4/2/2014 to 4/2/2016.                                        Readmore...

NAAC Accreditation

Sri Sivani College of Engineering accredited by NAAC with 'B' grade.

JNTUK Affiliation

Sri sivani College of Engineering, Chilakpalem. is affliated to JNTUK in 2006

ISO Certified

Sri Sivani Collegeof Engineering, chilakapalem have got ISO Accreditation during the year 2012.

Phd Awarded Sri G Ramesh Babu

SSCE is happy to announce that Sri G.Ramesh Babu HOD –ECE received Ph.D in “Speech Enhancement” During The year 2014 from Osmania University.

Phd Awarded - Sri G Rajendra Kumar

SSCE is happy to announce that Sri G Rajendra Kumar Professor – CSE received Ph.D in The year 2015 from Andhra University.

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  • About Hostel
  • Amenities
  • Admission Procedure
  • Rules & reulations
  • Proposed Rules & regulations

About Hostel

SRI SIVANI hostels were built in 2006. Providing separate accommodation for men and women, the present strength of the residential community is 350 +. The two hostels are headed by the Administrative Officer whose keen observation and guidance enables the staff to discharge their duties effectively, while continuously maintaining discipline among the residents.

Women's Hostel

The women's hostel has one block named as "Sahithi Sadan" having 56 rooms including GYM and TV room with a capacity to accommodate 150 students.

Men's Hostel

The men's hostel has one block named as “Spoorthi Sadan” having 78 rooms including GYM and TV Room with a capacity to accommodate 219 students.


Drinking cold water coolers with purifiers at alternate floors.
Gym Facility is provided in both hostels and superbvised by PD
Reading room facility
Wi-fi Connectivity 24/7
TV room.
Facility of daily local & national news papers
Generator back up for both girls and Boys hostel
Security Services.
Indoor games –Carom, Chess, Shuttle
General store facility for necessary provisionary items, Tea & coffee.
Laundry facility availability between 8.00am to 5.00 pm.
Provision of receiving mails, couriers and parcels.
Vehical faciility available in Emergency cases.

Admission Procedure

Application for admission to the Hostel shall be made in the prescribed form, which can be had from the SSCE Hostel Office, along with prospectus.

The Hostel is under the Management of the Joint-Secreatary, Sri Sivani Educational Society, Chilakapalem. He nominates the Hostel Committee and the Warden functions as per the directions of the Joint Secretary.
The Warden reserves the right to effect any changes that may be felt necessary in routine matters of the Hostel.
The students should acquaint themselves thoroughly with the Rules and Regulations of the Hostel before seeking admission.
The Hostel Committee reserves the right to admit or reject a candidate without assigning any reasons, if found not amenable to discipline.
The Parents or guardians of the selected students must be present with them at the time of admission.
Rooms are allotted to the students by the warden following specific guidelines framed by the committee.
Students, selected for admission, shall join the Hostel on or before the due date, after paying the prescribed fees, failing which their seats shall be forfeited.
Four stamp size recent color photographs should be submitted along with the application form. Any student, who vacates the hostel in the middle of the year on any personal ground, will not be readmitted during the rest of the course, unless approved by the committee.
Students suffering from contagious diseases / drug addicts are not eligible for admission. If after admission students, found to be having contagious diseases and drug addicts, shall be sent out of the Hostel immediately. He /she is eligible for refund of money.

Before actual admission, every student shall give a written undertaking that He/she will abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Hostel

Rules & reulations

I abide the instructions (including mess menu related) issued time to time by the hostel warden/ canteen committee/principal/management for welfare and discipline of hostel/college.
I will attend classes regularly if I absent 3 or more consecutive days without a prier permission will be punished.
If I absent for the college or hostel without permission liable for disciplinary action.
I shall regularly clear all my hostel, college and other related dues as per rules of the hostel/college.
I shall not damage any college/hostel property, doing so I will bare cost of it. I hereby declare that will not carrying any food/ articles (Plates, glass, milk etc.) from the canteen to the hostel or outside of the canteen, otherwise on spot fine will be imposed.
I understand that smoking, use of alcohols, liquor, drugs and involving in any in disciplinary activity strictly prohibited in the college/hostel, doing so a punishable offence even leading to expulsion from college/hostel.
I undertake that, I shall not indulge in any act of ragging; otherwise my admission stands cancelled and disciplinary proceedings including registration of FIR.
Parent/guardian is advised to meet the Hostel warden once in a month to know the academic performance of the student

Proposed Rules & regulations

The following rules shall apply to both MALE and FEMALE students residing in the hostels. Violation of any rule will make the inmate liable to disciplinary action including expulsion from the hostels and also from institution.
Every student must remember that the hostel is the home of the student on the campus and therefore, he/she should behave himself/herself on the campus as well as outside in such a manner as to bring credit to him/her and to the institution
A student once admitted in the hostel will continue to be a hostel inmate throughout the year unless otherwise debarred from the hostel on disciplinary grounds. Unless they clear the dues, they shall not be allowed to take University examinations. Further, he/she may be expelled from the halls of residence and/or messes.
The admission into hostel is valid up to commencement of summer vacation/end of academic program whichever is earlier.
Room furniture, electrical fittings etc., are required to be maintained by the students in good condition. Students should vacate the hostel during summer vocation. If they have to leave any belongings in the hostel during this period, they should contact the hostel caretaker for the same but at their own risk.
Residents shall occupy the rooms only after allotment is made by the hostel warden concerned. Change of room may be permitted in exceptional cases, provided it is deemed necessary/justified by the Hostel Warden. Unauthorized occupation of any room or exchange of rooms shall be treated as serious violation of disciplinary rules of the hostels. Residents found guilty of such violation of the hostel rules shall be expelled from the hostels without any further enquiry.
No parent or guardian of a student is permitted to stay in the hostel. They must obtain prior permission from the committee to stay in the college Guest room only, (if such accommodation is available for a specific period on payment basis as per the Guest room accommodation rules).
Male students shall not remain absent from their hostels during night between 9.30 pm to 6.00 am without the prior permission of the Warden/committee. Corresponding timings for the women's hostel are 8.30 pm to 7.00 am even with prior permission. In case of any emergency, they should take written permission from the committee/concerned Block Warden. The students are required to carry their identity cards with them when they move inside the campus.
Visitors are not permitted in the hostel after 8.00 p.m. However, in special cases, prior permission of warden must be obtained to stay beyond these hours.
Hostel students shall not leave the headquarters without prior permission of the Warden/committee. They shall have to apply for permission in writing in advance stating the reason for leaving and the address of destination. Hostel students who leave hostel without the application and prior permission from the concerned authorities shall be deemed to be missing and their parent/guardian or even the police authorities may be intimated.
Any hostel student harboring any unauthorized person(s) will be expelled from the hostel immediately.
The inmates of the hostel should not leave the hostel premises on holidays for the purpose of excursion or picnic without prior permission of the Warden/committee. However, for any accident or fatality that may occur during picnic/excursion, the responsibility does not lie with the institute or Hostel authorities.
No resident of the hostel is permitted to take any article/utensils etc, outside the hostel/mess premises and even to his/her room.
No association of students on the basis of region, caste or creed is permitted.
No secret activities or meetings are permitted on the hostel premises. For holding any meeting in the hostel room or anywhere in the hostel area, prior written permission should be obtained from the committee.
Keeping of lethal weapons like sticks, rods, chains etc. in the hostel rooms is strictly prohibited.
Ragging of any kind is severely punishable as per the Andhra Pradesh State Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1997 and 2002. As such students are advised not to indulge in such activity.
Students who have finished the four years of course work but yet to pass some examinations are called backloggers. Such students will not be normally given accommodation in the college hostels.
Hostel inmates who are found guilty of misconduct or guilty of infringement of any of the rules prescribed above shall be liable to fine, suspension, rustication or dismissal either from the hostels and/or from the institute or both by the appropriate authority.
Accommodation in the hostel cannot be claimed as a matter of right. Students who disturb peace and violate the rules of the hostels on the campus will be expelled from the hostels.
The consumption or storage or supply of liquor or any sort of intoxicant is strictly prohibited and if found guilty, the offenders will be dealt with severely, including prosecution. Any kind of gambling is also prohibited.
Medical facilities are provided at the college dispensary for routine health problems. However, for any other treatment requiring specialist/expert medical care and treatment, the inmates are supposed to make their own arrangements for treatment and to bear medical expenditure themselves.
In case a student falls sick, he/she should contact immediately the Medical Officer/Warden.
In case of an emergency, students may shift the patient immediately to a hospital and inform the authorities at the earliest.
A student suffering from infectious/contagious diseases will not be permitted to stay in hostels.
A hostel student will be completely responsible for all his possessions including his/her cycle/Laptop/Computer/Electronic gadgets, etc., The institute hostel will not be responsible for any loss incurred.
The use of motor vehicles such as Car, Motor cycle, Scooters, Mopeds, etc. by students is strictly prohibited inside the college/hostel premises.
No one should use the belongings of other students without their consent..
Boarders will be personally and collectively responsible for any loss/damage to the properties and equipment and other fittings in the common halls. In case of damage to any buildings, furniture, apparatus or other property of the college, the loss caused to the institution shall be recovered directly from those identified persons whenever possible. But, if persons who cause the damage are unknown, the cost of repairing it, as may be assessed by the hostel authorities, will be distributed equally among all the students of such groups or associations as may be found responsible.
They should lock their rooms properly when they go out for their bath, mess etc., Each room-mate must keep a key of the door lock of his room, particularly in the case of double/triple seated rooms.
Fans and lights must be switched off when the students leave their rooms. Light must be switched off positively when they go to bed. In case it is noticed that fans/lights are on the locked room, a heavy penalty will be imposed for wasting the costly energy sources.
Every student residing in the hostel must dine in the hostel messes only. Individual/group cooking in the rooms is forbidden. If found, they will be expelled from hostels or fined.
Playing music and videos etc. inside the rooms is strictly prohibited as it causes disturbance to the inmates. Any such complaint against boarders will be viewed very seriously and seizure of the gadgets will be made alongwith imposition of heavy fine.
The room of any student in the hostel can be inspected at any time by the Warden/committee or any authorised member of the institute staff.Inmates is advised to keep their ID cards with them and show them on demand.
Hostel inmates are requested to maintain their surroundings neat and clean.
Students should not break open or try to break open the occupied/vacant rooms of the hostels. Any damage done to the hostel property will have to be borne by all the residents of the hostel.
Inmates should not fire crackers on any occasion inside the hostel or within the premises of the hostel.
Inmates are prohibited from writing slogans, or any writings obscene drawings on the hostel walls and rooms. Heavy penalities will be imposed on students/group of students indulging in such writings.
Inmates should not play cricket, football etc., in the common halls or inside or infront of hostels. It causes damage to the hostel property, but also disturbs the peace of the surroundings. Heavy penality will be imposed and will be collected from all students of the Block.
All the hostellers are to note that electrical/carpentry/plumbing complaints should be given in writing to Warden Incharge (Maintenance) or written in the complaint register available in the hostel office. In case the complaint is not attended to or there is any difficulty, the students can contact the committee
Female visitors and girl students are not permitted to visit the men's hostel any time.
For women students:
Male visitors (visitors mean Parents / Guardians) are not permitted any time into the women's hostel.
In the case of the women's hostel, Lady Visitors are not permitted after 7.30 p.m.
All Girl students must be present in their rooms before 8.30 p.m. Girl students must take prior permission from the concerned Warden for leaving the campus, in case of urgent necessities only. They must enter their movements in the Register provided while going out and reporting in (after obtaining permission from the concerned Warden/Chief Warden). Students leaving the hostel without prior permission will be riewed very seriously and will invite expulsion from the rooms and or from the institute.