Awards and Rewards

NBA Accreditation

SSCE, chilakapalem proudly announces that it has added a feather to its cap by getting National Board of Accreditation(NBA) for EEE branch from 4/2/2014 to 4/2/2016.                                        Readmore...

NAAC Accreditation

Sri Sivani College of Engineering accredited by NAAC with 'B' grade.

JNTUK Affiliation

Sri sivani College of Engineering, Chilakpalem. is affliated to JNTUK in 2006

ISO Certified

Sri Sivani Collegeof Engineering, chilakapalem have got ISO Accreditation during the year 2012.

Phd Awarded Sri G Ramesh Babu

SSCE is happy to announce that Sri G.Ramesh Babu HOD –ECE received Ph.D in “Speech Enhancement” During The year 2014 from Osmania University.

Phd Awarded - Sri G Rajendra Kumar

SSCE is happy to announce that Sri G Rajendra Kumar Professor – CSE received Ph.D in The year 2015 from Andhra University.

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  • A MOU was signed between Globerena Technologies Pvt. Ltd.& SSCE. On 21st August 2011.Globerena ( Hyd. ) is JNTU-K Partner in imparting training programs tostudents in shaping their career. Globarena continuously thrive in its mission of Transforming Talent as a social responsibility of making quality education available to multitude of students and lateral learners who aspire to improve their employability in the global marketplace.

    Globarena provides comprehensive, affordable, and quality Learning and Assessment Solutions which can be deployed in Intranet, Internet, or in the form of Instructor Led Training. Our solutions help educational institutions to increase their faculty effectiveness, improve student engagement, and help corporate to get right talent and increase productivity. Professionals and students also benefit vastly as their skill level and employability get a massive boost.

    Globarena Technologies has got its unique distinction either quantitatively or qualitatively because of its career arena. 4M deals with mentoring students within their colleges for 21st century professional and life readiness.

    It's designed to serve the needs of a wide cross section of Indian students from different backgrounds: science, technology, management and so on.

    The duration, contents and delivery methods are designed and made flexible in way that every student group gets the benefit worth their time and effort spent on this programme.

    4M is developed with the vision of shifting from local job readiness to 21st century global life readiness and reference to the following perspectives

    Perspective I

      •  Mentoring the student in developing attitude and skills related to basic academic success

      •  Aiding the student in developing professional skills specific to his specialization

      •  Mentoring the student in career skills (pre-employment and post employment)

    Perspective II

      •  Bringing positive changes in the thought habits of the student (Attitude related habits)

      •  Bringing positive changes in the talk habits of the student (communication related habits)

      •  Bringing positive changes in the task habits of the student (Behavior related habits)

    Perspective III

      •   Improving the Self-awareness of the student

      •  Improving the Industry-awareness of the student

      •  The process of aligning self- awareness and industry awareness for employment and career progress

    Perspective IV

      •  Mentoring the student in the 3 Rs as in p-21 framework (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic)

      •  Mentoring the student in the 4 Cs ((Critical thinking and problem solving; Communication; Collaboration, Creativity and Innovation)

  • 4M is conducted in four distinct phases, they are:

  • Phase-1: Mirror

      •  Foundation for the Career Mentoring Programme and Communication in English

    Phase-2: Mentor

      •  Career Starting Skills and Habits for Effective Studentship

    Phase-3: Map

      •  Career Stability Skills as needed by corporate world

    Phase-4: March

      •  Career Growth Skills as needed by corporate world

  • E-Learning Development

      To do this, your e-learning solutions provider should understand your business, how and when your people learn best, and your infrastructure.

      This technology intricately tracks the student learning patterns, and in turn enriches the experience of students, instructors and administrators.

    Globarena E -Mentoring System (GEMS)

      GEMS is a high impact comprehensive online solution to bridge the employability - skill gap and enhance the college talent pool by focusing on holistic student skill development, thus establish a continuous talent hub for the industry.

    GEMS facilitates students acquire skills in a systematic way to:

    strengthen domain skills
    become competent and confident individual
    understand the industry prospective
    be prepared to succeed in recruitment process
    be ready to excel in the workplace

    GEMS Approach

    GEMS follows the conscious competence learning model. It will enable the students to go through the process of skill acquisition at various stages.

    Pre-assessment: Reflects student capabilities, creates awareness about inherent strengths and suggests areas for improvement.

    Learning resources: Help students acquire knowledge and skills through self-learnable digital programs.

    Expert guidance: Students interact with mentors to get clarifications for their queries and also get needed guidance to hone their skills.

    Collaborate: Students exchange views amongst the GEMS learners community.

    Interim assessments: Review student progress and provides corrective feedback.

    Review GEMS progress: Our coordinators will visit the colleges regularly to monitor the programme and take the feedback for further improvement.

    Post-assessments: Reflect on student progress and performance (scores). It can be compared across the GEMS learners community.

    Industry interface: Creates awareness regarding the current industry trends through industry-academia meets and articles. GEMS also conducts job drives to facilitate student placements.

    Career portal: Students profile (resume, study profile and assessment score) are uploaded to showcase their capabilities to the companies registered on GEMS.

    Industry interface: Creates awareness regarding the current industry trends through industry-academia meets and articles. GEMS also conducts job drives to facilitate student placements.

    Online Examinations (OneX)

    Globarena´s online examination system is fully customizable according to your need. Beginning from the selection of the questions to delivery of result, our system uses state of the art technology to give you the best. Having served both top-notch educational institutions and corporate, our online examination system has proved its quality.

      Author the questions

      Question types

      Design the Assessment

      Process of enrolling students for the exam.

    TekEdge - Engineering Courseware - Leveraging Technology for Effective Learning:

    Teaching & Comprehensive Engineering Learning Solution using ICT:

    The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) committee on faculty shortage has assessed that there is a shortage of 3.8 lakh teachers at the higher education level, which is 50 per cent of the current requirement. It estimates that after a decade, the requirement of college teachers will be 13 lakh.

    The teacher-student ratio is badly skewed at the moment. Overall, it is nearly 21 students for each teacher whereas the University Grant Commission (UGC) norm for the undergraduate courses is 1:15 and for the postgraduate courses it is 1:13.5.

    This shortage of quality faculty is being felt acutely by the new colleges, which have difficulty attracting experienced staff. New colleges are forced to opt for less experienced and qualified teachers.

    There is a marked difference in the experience of faculty of top-rung colleges and the rest. While the average faculty experience in top colleges is between 10 and 15 years, the average faculty experience in other colleges is 0-5 years.

    Students join engineering with aspiration of fulfilling their career ambitions, be it employment or higher education. Faculty play a vital role in realizing student dreams and moulding them into well rounded professionals.

    The two concerns, i.e., Shortage of faculty and quality of the faculty are plaguing the system and have to be addressed to enhance teaching-learning experience and fulfill student aspirations.

    Infusion of Technology into the classroom provides edge to the faculty and students. TekEdge synergizes faculty efforts and ICT effectiveness, making classroom learning livelier, interactive and interesting.

    Standardized teaching methodology, quality content, picture & animation library, etc. facilitate in consistent delivery in the classroom.

    TekEdge facilitates faculty explain complex concepts to students in an easy to understand manner through rich multimedia, audio, video, animations, simulations, etc.

    Quiz after each concept and self-learn engineering courseware will reinforce concepts and improve understanding amongst students.

    TekEdge is an ideal tool to enhance teaching effectiveness and make classroom learning interactive and effective.

    TekEdge provides the following for the faculty to use while teaching:

      ICT equipment

      Content PPTs


      Images / pictures


      E-learning courseware as per university syllabus

    TekEdge classroom will improve student pass percentage, academic marks percentage, and help crack competitive exams.

    With the number of engineering colleges increasing every year, there is intense competition amongst the colleges to enhance the quality of their graduating students. TekEdge provides competitive edge to the institution.

      •  Students join engineering colleges with an aspiration to fulfil their career ambitions, be it employment or higher education. Faculty plays a vital role in realizing student's aspirations and moulding them into well rounded professionals. Infusion of Technology into the classroom provides an edge to the faculty over conventional classroom teaching.

      •  Quality content coupled with contemporary technology-enabled teaching methodologies goes a long way for achieving this objective. This is what we call "TekEdge".

      •  TekEdge synergizes faculty efforts and ICT (Information Communication Technology) effectiveness, making classroom learning livelier, interactive and interesting.

      •  TekEdge facilitates faculty to explain complex concepts in an easy to understand manner through rich multimedia, audio, video, animations, simulations, etc.

      •  TekEdge for College.

    Advantages of TekEdge to the college:

      •  Truly 24x7 access to content

      •  Right blend of ICT tools and quality content resources

      •  Empowers faculty and enhances effectiveness

      •  Improves students engagement and participation

      •  Attracts students, faculty and increases students admissions

      •  Increases student pass percentage and academic percentage

      •  Attracts corporate and enhances placements

      •  Uplifts college reputation and provides edge over its competitors

    The college will be equipped with:

      •  Interactive classroom with ICT Infrastructure i.e. Digital Whiteboard, Multimedia PC, UPS, LCD Projector

      •  Lesson Planner for Faculty

      •  Content for the Faculty consisting of Animations, Images/Pictures, Quiz etc.

      •  E-learning courseware in LAN and Internet

    TekEdge for Faculty

      TekEdge provides the Faculty an edge with the use of technology in teaching, by effectively utilizing the time by overall improving the effectiveness in delivering sessions in an interactive manner.and helps the Faculty to understand the students better and can add his/her flavour and mesmerize the students.

    TekEdge for Student

      Learn at your convenience, anytime and anywhere.

      Once your teacher teaches you in class, you can have access the self-learnable modules in the college lab/Internet and reinforce the concepts in your own pace.

      TekEdge is a self-paced, truly 24x7 accessible solution.

      It enhances retention, participation with an engaging, interactive, rich multimedia content and reiterates the content without any limit till you fully understand the concepts.